Review, Reputation and Revenue

Online reviews submitted by customers and end users have a significant influence on online businesses. According to a study, online reviews can affect a customer’s purchasing decision and can also impact a business’s overall online reputation.

Article: Closed-form evaluations and open-ended comment options: How do they affect customer online review behavior and reflect satisfaction with hotels?

The referred article discusses how different forms of customer online reviews (closed-form evaluations vs open-ended comments) affect customer behavior and reflect satisfaction with hotels. Closed-form evaluations are structured reviews that ask customers to rate certain aspects of their hotel experience on a scale (e.g. cleanliness, comfort, etc.). Open-ended comments, on the other hand, allow customers to write a free-form review of their experience.

The article argues that closed-form evaluations may be more useful for hotels to identify specific areas for improvement, while open-ended comments may provide a more detailed and nuanced view of the customer’s experience. Additionally, the article suggests that customers may be more likely to leave a review if they are given the option to leave open-ended comments, as it allows them to express their feelings more fully.

In summary, the article suggests that closed-form evaluations and open-ended comments have different effects on customer behavior and satisfaction, and may provide different insights for hotels looking to improve their guests’ experiences.